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How to Order: View the log of previouly made falls.

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Send an e-mail to orders@anachronaut.com detailing what you would like. Orders can often take time to get to, I will inform you as soon as I'm able to begin work on your order.


I now require a deposit of half the amount before I begin work but not before I'm able to begin on your specific order.
Please confirm with me before sending a deposit

Base Cost for Cluster in Fall$4.00 ea
This is the base cost for a single unembellished cluster of foam strips [within a hair fall] that are mounted into a series of loops, which drawstring the entire fall closed around one's natural hair, using a length of nylon stocking.

The price of the entire fall is determined by how many clusters of foam strips wanted in a single fall. Therefore a single fall of unembellished foam clusters containing [for example] 8 clusters at $4.00 each would amount to $32.00
Type A Single Cluster $5.00 ea

These are single falling cluster of foam strips, unlike the basic clusters that need to exist within a hair-fall, these are stand alones.

They attach into one's hair using a tiny hair-comb and a weft-clip. [a length of cord can be requested, if the wearer prefers to weave in the clusters instead of attaching using the weft-clip]

These can be used to accessorize a larger fall or can be used on their own, in order to create the look of; a complete head of foam hair.

A tie-in fall generally requires a wearer's hair to be long enough hair to place into a tail or bun in order to secure the fall, whereas The benefit of Type A & B Single Clusters are that they can be secured into relatively short hair.

Type B Single Cluster $6.00 ea

Similar in function to the Type A, the Type B Single Cluster is meant to compliment the look of the tabbed foam clusters.

Features include a longer extension tab, with a weft clip and hair comb placed a distance apart.

Unlike the Type A Clusters, [which will dangle like loose hair] the Type B can be locked into a direction in the head, and will stay put.

Also includes a loop so that multiple Type B Clusters can be strung through with a length of nylon to create an interchangeable version of a larger tabbed hair fall.

Embellishments: Decorative embellishments may be added to each basic clusters of foam. Add the cost of the embellishment to each individual cluster where desired.
Stripes+ $0.50 ea

Painted stripe or other details. Colours based on availability of materials, but many varieties available (inquire as to possibilities).

Florescent Stripes+ $1.00 ea
Painted stripe or other details in Florescent paints.
UV Stripes+ $1.00 ea
Painted stripe or other details in UV reactive paints. UV paint is clear and will react under blacklight. If you wish for normally visible stripes, combine with a paint option above [Doesn't necessarily have to be the colour of the UV reactant, for example you can have silver stripes that glow green, or blue].
Decorative Bindings+ $1.00 ea
Instead of a simple solid foam bands, to bind the top of the cluster, bands may be embellished with rivet detailing, multiple wrappings and other designs.
Tabbed Extensions+ $5.00 ea
Adding tabbed extensions to each cluster creates extended fingers that reach up over the top of where a fall normally stops and grips to one's head using weft-clips (or a length of cord if the wearer prefers to weave them in).
Tubing: A variety of types of tubing may be added into the clusters. These will typically include a single length of tubing doubled into a single cluster.
" Black Foam Tube+ $0.50 ea
" Black Foam Tube+ $1.00 ea
* For Striped painted tubing add additional $3.00 to each w/tube.
* For UV & Florescent Striped painted tubing add additional $4.00 to each w/tube.
" Corrugated plastic tubing – Available in black, colours and metallic finishes+ $2.00 ea
" Corrugated plastic tubing – Available in black, colours and metallic finishes+ $2.50 ea
* For rusted/ distressed and decayed detailing add additional $6.00 to each w/tube.

Example 1

Example 1 is a single fall containing a total of 8 rows [grey and black foam], 2 rows with 1/4" black foam tubing, 2 rows with 1/2" black foam tubing ,1 row with corrugated " plastic tubing (metallic).

8 rows times $4.00 + $1.00 +$2.00 +$2.00
This fall = $37.00

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2 is a slightly more elaborate design.

Taking half of the pigtail set, there are 6 rows in this design, with decorative bindings, and silver stripes.

In one fall there is one cluster with " silver corrugated tubing, and another with ” foam striped tubing.

Four clusters, [at $4.00 + $0.50 for stripes + $1.00 for decorative bindings ] $5.50 per cluster [times 6 = $33.00] + 2.00 for one embellishment of silver corrugated plastic, plus $4.00 for one embellishment of striped foam tubing.

One fall would = $39.00 the Pigtail set would equal $78.00

Example 2

Example 3

The Third example presents a much more elaborate design.

There are 9 clusters in this fall. They are tabbed, with multiple bindings, & silver stripes. There are 4 rows with " silver corrugated tubing, 2 rows with ” striped foam tubing and 3 rows with ” foam striped tubing.

9 clusters starting at $4.00 + $1.00 for decorative bindings + $0.50 for striped painting + $5.00 for Tabbed extensions [$10.50 per cluster] Plus $8 for four rows embellished with silver corrugated tubing, plus $8 for two embellished with ” striped tubing, plus +12$ for ” three rows striped tubing.

Total = $122.50